Let's Recycle Right!  Set up a successful recycling program for your organization by downloading this free toolkit from Recycle Across America.
Confusion created by the recycling bin and trash can manufacturers has lead to a cross-contaminated recycling stream that is crippling the United States recycling industry. Although dire, the situation can and will be quickly reversed through standardized labeled recycling containers and trash receptacles. Research has shown that the public will make the effort to pre-sort waste when bins are labeled properly.
We are fully committed to the elimination of confusion at the bin, and all King of Bins brand Drum Crowns and Big Bins come with FREE standardized labels. The video below explains how standardized labels is the simple solution solving a crisis in the recycling industry:
Schools and non profits can get FREE standardized labels through the Recycle Across America corporate sponsorship program. Call us today on how to take advantage of this program in your area.  
At King of Bins and Southeastern Environmental and Waste Equipment, we are committed to solving the recycling crisis through standardized labeling of recycling containers and trash receptacles.  An investment in a solid waste collection infrastructure not only pays for itself quickly, it is the best thing your organization can do to support United States manufacturing, the US economy, and our oceans.