Why we love what we do

King of Bins recycling station

We have a passion for clean, safe, aesthetically pleasing recycling and refuse collection areas!

Along with our parent company Southeastern Environmental and Waste Equipment, we have been helping organizations and individuals find the perfect recycling containers and trash receptacles since 1990.  


The King of Bins brand is our flagship line, and there are 1,000s of our Big Bins and Drum Crowns in action at collection sites all over the southeastern United States.

If these products are not what you are looking for, send us a picture HERE of what you need or simply call (855) 200-3675.  We have over 800 types of recycling containers, trash cans, and other collection equipment as well as absorbents for a wide range of applications.

Two of our 145 gallon big bins in action in Richland County, South Carolina